Hi there!  Using Acupuncture and Herbs means you can have a baby faster!


Cairns Acupuncture can help you get pregnant alongside IVF treatments!

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Cairns IVF help

Are you aware that Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can help you achieve your pregnancy goals faster and have a healthier baby? Tanya Galvin

Welcome to this site about Acupuncture and How it can help you get better results with your IVF.

Did you know…if you use Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs with IVF you increase your chances by 30-60%

My Name is Tanya Galvin (registered Acupuncturist).

This site is here to give you information on how Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can help you to achieve your goal of having a baby. (Cairns Acupuncture/Tanya Galvin).

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can assist you to get pregnant/conceive faster and with a healthier baby!

You see we would like you to not only conceive a child but to have a healthy baby….one that can be alert when it is born, hold his/her head up quickly, one that is overall healthier.  This requires work from both mum and dad.

We like to focus on getting the mum and dad to be the best version of themselves (health wise) so that the eggs and sperm you produce that ultimately goes into create your baby is the best version it can be so that the resulting baby is the best offspring that you both can produce.

This requires a bit of work from you and a lot of work from Me!

Cairns IVF help

Acupuncture – achieve pregnancy faster!

Cairns IVF help…I am a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner (that means you could say I am a doctor of Chinese Medicine….although I don’t often use that title!)  I have been helping women have healthy babies since 2002 (often in very difficult or challenging circumstances when the odds are against you).

The current statistics are that Acupuncture and herbs used in conjunction with IVF increases your success of your IVF procedures by 30-65%.  That is a pretty good improvement.  This is why a lot more IVF clinics are now using Acupuncturists (meaning me) in their clinics as we are helping you guys a lot!

We achieve this by working alongside the Clinic – finding out how and why (from a western medical perspective) you have not quite achieved a baby (although I am sure you have been trying your best!).  Then we have a look at you from a Chinese Medicine Perspective and also see what is wrong (or should I say not quite perfect yet).

Cairns IVF help –  Cairns Acupuncture/ Tanya Galvin 0408 054 538.

Cairns IVF help

This may mean that we use Acupuncture and Chinese herbs (using western medical terminology ) –

Help your endometriosis

Help your polycystic ovaries

Increase your endometrial lining thickness

Improve your egg quality

Increase your sticky fertile mucous

Increase your Oestrogen levels (or decrease them if you are Oestrogen dominant)

Increase your Progesterone Levels

From a Chinese medicine perspective (the language we used to describe things are very different) we may do things like –

We may increase your QI and Blood (to increase your endometrial lining).

Move stagnant Blood (for your clotty endometrial blood)

Acupuncture speeds up IVF results

So you see we need to help you by identifying and then translating and viewing your body from a different perspective and then treating you with different but highly effective tools/strategies all based on Chinese Medicine.  These techniques have been around for over 2000 years.  So you can see you are not the first person to suffer from fertility problems……Chinese Medicine has been treating these sorts of conditions for a very long time. Cairns IVF help – Cairns Acupuncture/ Tanya Galvin

To achieve these clinical results we use acupuncture to balance your system where it has gone out of balance and bring it back into balance (this may mean helping your hormonal system or you endocrine system or reproductive system….the list goes on).  We also use Chinese herbs and may recommend dietary and lifestyle changes.

Cairns IVF help – Cairns Acupuncture/Tanya Galvin 0408 054 538.

Are you aware that Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can help you achieve your pregnancy goals faster and have a healthier baby? Tanya Galvin




Cairns IVF help

Cairns IVF help – Acupuncture can help you